Last Minute Packing

When you start packing, make a to-do list for the morning of your departure and review it before you walk out your front door. Add every small thing to it so you don’t panic at the airport because you forgot to take out the trash, pack your phone charger, or grab your passport.

Denied Boarding Compensation

Airline vouchers for giving up your seat or getting bumped can generally only be used on flights operated exclusively by that airline. They can’t be applied to codeshare flights, even though codeshare flights are available for purchase on your airline’s website.

Booking Trains in Advance

When planning a rail trip, most tickets can’t be booked more than 30-90 days in advance depending on the country and carrier. Enter a date within 30 days of today to see general travel times and ticket fares – they rarely change much within the calendar year.

Spare Clothes

Roll a spare pair of socks and underwear inside a clean tshirt and store them at the bottom of your carry-on bag. It won’t take up much space, and it’s a lifesaver if your luggage is lost or delayed and you need to freshen up.

Trip Planning

If you have no idea where to start with activity planning for your trip, google the destination and the month you’re visiting. This will give you an idea of the main tourist spots at that time of year and will help jumpstart your research. “New Orleans June” gives you more relevant travel and tourist information than just “Things to do in New Orleans.”

Flying in Severe Weather

If you’re flying from, to or through an airport that frequently experiences weather delays, schedule your flight so you’re there as early in the day as possible. If your flight is delayed or cancelled, the more flights in the day there are after it, the better your chances are of being re-booked on an alternate flight without being stranded overnight.