Hotel Special Requests

Particularly with large chains, reservation agents are often at a call center far from the hotel. Increase the likelihood that your specific requests will be filled by calling your hotel directly a few days before arrival.

Canceling Plane Tickets

USDOT regulations give you the right to cancel any airline ticket, even a nonrefundable one, within 24 hours of purchase for a full refund. The only exception? If you’re booking less than 7 days before the flight.

Room Upgrades

If you want to try your luck asking for a room upgrade at check-in, do so when there aren’t other guests nearby that can hear. “But you just gave that guy one,” puts the desk clerk in an impossible position.

Hotel Complaints

Notify the front desk at your hotel immediately if you are having an issue with your room or stay. Be polite and understanding, but persistent. Your chances of having the problem resolved on the spot are fairly high. Getting compensation after the fact is the exception, not the rule, particularly if you skip this important step.

Car Rental Insurance

Many major credit cards offer free rental supplementary car insurance coverage if you rent in the name of the cardholder and pay for the entire rental with the card. The savings can be dramatic. Check with your card issuer or look for this benefit next time you are applying for a card.


In Europe, a roundtrip ticket (to get to your destination and back) is referred to as a return ticket.