Dirty Laundry

Not sure how to handle the dirty clothes you accumulate during your trip? Most luggage has a zippered interior liner (intended to allow access to the handles or wheel components in case they need repair). Store laundry underneath that liner to separate them it your clean clothes.

Airline Lounges

If your flight itinerary includes a really long layover, check ebay for lounge passes of the airline you’re flying. For as little as $20, you can often get a day pass. Pass the time with complimentary snacks and drinks, and amenities like luggage storage, showers and free wifi with more comfortable seating than your boarding...

Choosing Seats

Traveling as a pair on a flight that looks mostly empty? If it has 3 seats in the row, choose the two outside seats. Since middle seats fill up last, it will likely stay empty. If it does get taken at the last minute, you can switch with the person sitting there. If not, you get a little extra elbow room!

Airline Apps

Wondering if your flight is delayed or you have been rebooked? Updated information is often available more quickly on the airline’s app than to gate agents making announcements the boarding area.

Global Entry

The GlobalEntry program will let you bypass the long and slow passport control line when returning from most international flights. Tied directly to your passport, it costs $100 to apply but remains valid for 5 years.

Train Reservations

In most of Europe, seat reservations on trains are optional. Buying the ticket is just paying the fare. You can then choose to pay extra if you want to choose and reserve your seat in advance.