On Innovation, Product Improvement, Design or Advertising

AbbVie and Children’s Medication

When I was about 10, I was prescribed liquid penicillin for a sore throat. As I remember it, I had to take it twice daily for about two weeks. The taste was awful. There was not much my parents could do to convince me to choke it down. Guarantees that it would make me...

Clean Laundry Without Water

Global powerhouse Unilever makes such a wide range of products that you likely have several in your home right now. Their website touts that 2 billion people every day use their brands. The company’s sheer size makes their co-creation platform notable. At the...

Co-Creating with Marriott

Marriott has a pretty impressive approach to open innovation. Their “Travel Brilliantly” platform encourages anyone to submit an idea to improve any part of the Marriott experience. My favorite thing about it is that submissions are limited to 500...

Innovation and Reinventing Public Housing

Innosite, a Danish construction industry open innovation platform, recently launched a challenge to help reinvent traditional public housing outside of major towns in Denmark. Apparently, fueled by scarcity of jobs, commuting distance, and rock bottom housing prices,...

Airlines, Innovation, and Piggly Wiggly

I just read an article outlining a bunch of concepts for new airline seat designs. The terms award-winning and innovative were sprinkled throughout like confetti raining down on a parade. Several of the ideas seemed unimpressive at best, and downright silly at worst. Few struck me as truly innovative.

Innovation as a Strength

I recently joined a committee where the leader asked every member to take the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment by Gallup. The assessment measures you across 34 themes to help identify your top 5 strengths or talents. The main benefit of this, as they describe it on...

Reviews and Ratings for Reviewers

Online reviews have long been an integral part of the hospitality industry, featuring prominently in many consumers’ restaurant and hotel selections. It is time for someone to develop something like a tool to rank and sort reviewers.

The Skies of Mastercard

I have never understood the appeal of Prepaid cards. What’s to like? First you have to pay for the card, then pay fees to use or reload it. They’re difficult to use at ATMs, tough to validate when shopping online, and get rejected by some stores’ credit card scanners. Often they require a herculean effort of logic and calculation to zero out completely, resulting in balances remaining on the card after one use that are too small to bother with. Frustration all around!

Inner City Driverless Pods

In March 2012, international transportation pioneer Bombardier launched an open innovation challenge focused on the future of urban mobility called the YouCity multi-disciplinary Innovation Contest. The challenge was crafting novel ways for developing cities to...

Innovating Cargo with Lufthansa

After participating in an innovation contest sponsored by Lufthansa Cargo and Munich-based HYVE, I was invited to Frankfurt, Germany for a few days.

Reinvent Olay Pro-X

While co-creation contests seem to generally focus on coming up with a new product or improving an existing service, the concept of figuring out how to reinvent or re-imagine an existing product’s marketing is a different take. This one seems especially interesting, because it’s both complex and simple at the same time.

Lufthansa Air Cargo Winners

The winners of the Air Cargo Innovation Challenge were announced today. The aim of the contest was to come up with “new and creative ideas about how customer service should look and function in the coming years” in the Air Cargo industry. I wrote an...

Who is Innovative?

Innovation and it’s variants (innovative, innovator) are being thrown around a lot lately, so much so that their meanings are starting to become unclear. It reminds me of two decades ago when everyone was using the term webmaster (ick!). It’s one of those...

And More Lufthansa!

Talk about putting one out to the universe! The Lufthansa Cargo contest has been fun, and just as I started to think, “I wish there were a Lufthansa contest about innovating Passenger air travel,” one suddenly appeared. While we all have our own list of...

Lufthansa Air Cargo Innovation Challenge

The Lufthansa Cargo Innovation Challenge contest opened today. With a prize of a flight to Frankfurt, time in a flight simulator, and the potential to alter the global shipping industry forever, I am all over it!