And More Lufthansa!

Talk about putting one out to the universe! The Lufthansa Cargo contest has been fun, and just as I started to think, “I wish there were a Lufthansa contest about innovating Passenger air travel,” one suddenly appeared. While we all have our own list of pet peeves when it comes to air travel, from nickel and dime fees to rude fellow passengers, it’s rare to have the opportunity to engage an airline directly about ways to improve.

The focus of the Lufthansa Future of Hand Luggage contest is about, as you may have guessed, Carry On Bags (“Hand Luggage” if you’re reading along from the other side of the Atlantic). Improving the Hand-luggage Process and Co-design the Next Cabin Suitcase are the two main categories, but the subcategories open up the ability to submit any idea that improves the boarding process and the stowing of carry on bags in general.

I have submitted a few ideas that I think are simple and interesting, and hope some lightning bolt of brilliance will strike soon. The first decent idea I had was to let passengers choose and reserve overhead bin space when they check in at the airport before a flight. This way everyone is not fighting to get on the plane first to be able to get overhead bin space near their seat. The other idea I had was for a stack-able luggage crate that I can slide my suitcase into at the check-in desk (similar to cargo containers on ships) so that my luggage and contents can be protected, and so that luggage in the cargo hold can be stacked neatly instead of tossing one bag on top of the other like junk in a closet.

Those who know me well know that I love Germany almost as much as I love flying, so you can imagine how exciting this first prize is! A Business Class Flight to pitch the idea in Frankfurt, 100,000 flyer miles, and one of the most beautiful pieces of luggage on the planet are on the line. Cross your fingers and jump in the contest if you have a great idea!


They announced the winners of the contest today. I ended up entering an enormous number of random ideas, one of which was awarded 100,000 miles for being the “Best Voted Idea.” I was awarded another 100,000 miles for being one of the two Most Active Participants! Will publish a more detailed update soon! Talk about excited. Ich liebe Lufthansa!